At Mlily we are ensuring the players get the healthy, regenerative sleep they need to recover quicker and perform at their best.

We are dedicated to providing the most comfortable, customized sleep for our clients so that they may perform daily at the highest levels of success. Thanks to our recent partnership with world-renown brand Manchester United, we really are the #LegendOfComfort

On May 16, 2018, we agreed to extend our global partnership with
Manchester United to an unprecedented 10-year deal unified in our collaborative efforts between the sleep and athletic industries.

“Mlily has an established track record of producing a high quality product. We want to make the best use of the latest technology and expertise that can help our team, which in this case is the sleep and recovery of our players.”

Manchester United Group Managing Director
Richard Arnold

Manchester United Legend
7 Zero-Pressure mattress

To be legendary, you need legendary sleep. If you’re a fan of top athletic achievements, you’ll be a fan of our top pressure reliving mattresses. Manchaster united players have been participating in development of Legend 7 and they regenerate their bodies by sleeping on it.

Mlily Manchester United Legend No. 7 Series products contour to your body shape, alleviate muscle and joint pain caused by exercise, relieve sports fatigue quickly, and help maintain healthy body functions

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Mlily and Manchester United partner up to help players reach their dreams.

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