As the creator of Zero-pressure mattress, Mlily is the first brand in China to put forward the concept of zero-pressure. It upholds the enthusiasm for innovation and takes the mission of bringing you zero-pressure sleep. Over the past 10 years, we have been focusing on the research and testing of Non-Temperature Sensor Zero-pressure memory foam, and have obtained patents in many countries, which ensures that every product we create can provide comfortable sleep.

Quick Recovery of Physical Fitness. Global Partner of Manchester United

Sleep is not only an important tool for human body repairing, but also affects people's physical, cognitive and reactive abilities. It can process various human experiences, transform them into memories, and consolidate those skills that have been acquired. So Manchester United players have a high demand for sleep. However, in the sports world, they often face severe sleep problems due to high stress, adrenaline surge, caffeine intake or excessive intake, and injuries caused by heavy exercise. In 2016, considering the high-quality product experience of Mlily, Manchester United officially announced a global partnership with Chinese brand Mlily , which is the first time in Red Devil's history to designate mattress and pillow brands.

Mlily Helps Brain “Charge” Quickly

Go is called a mental marathon. Go players need to combine high speed and low speed, control rhythm, step by step, and keep an eye on each other's loopholes. They have very high demands on physical fitness, cognition and reaction. Therefore, it is particularly important for Go players to have high-quality sleep to nourish energy and eliminate stress. In 2013, Mlily zero pressure mattress became the "Chinese national go team zero pressure product".In May of the same year, the MLILY Cup World Go Open opened. This is the third World Go Competition sponsored by the mainland of China.

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