Mlily is the first brand in China that created pressure reliving mattresses. For over 10 years, we have been developing, testing and perfecting Mlily’s patented non temperature sensitive innovative memory form Aero FusionTM to give only the best possible sleep to anyone who will sleep on our products. Our foam has received many patents from institutions around the world that show it provides comfortable sleep.


Mlily’s patented non temperature sensitive innovative memory foam absorbs and evenly distributes body pressure
Improved deep sleep
No matter their shape or size, everybody is supported from head to toe.
It reduces tossing and turning, and promotes deeper, uninterrupted sleep.
Thanks to Mlily Zero-pressure Compression Technology, our mattresses are comfortable in all seasons.
Enjoy pressure relieving sleep all year round.

Mlily global patent certificates

  • China Patent Certification of Non-Temperature Sensor Pressure Relieving memory foam

  • U.S. Patent Certification for Non-Thermosensitive Pressure Relieving memory foam

  • Denmark Patent Certification for Non-Thermosensitive Pressure Relieving memory foam

  • Canadian Patent Certification for Non-Thermosensitive Pressure Relieving memory foam

Pressure Relieving Innovation Leadership of Memory Foam Industry

According to the clinical demonstration,Mlily pressure relieving mattress can effectively increase the time of deep sleep.

Increase the average deep sleep time of the overall population by 13%, and for people over 50 years old, increase by 23.3%.

Reduce sleep time by 53% in people with sleep disorders

Improve Sleep Physiological Indicators of Subhealthy Population

Data Source: Authoritative Trial Report of Dalian Viteo International Hospital

Selected raw materials with high standard requirements

Mlily keeps innovating and independently develops and produces environmentally friendly raw materials

Healthy, environmental friendly and pollution-free

Let you feel at ease every time when you sleep on zero-pressure mattress

Strict Control of Production Accuracy

In order to ensure the quality of each product, Mlily independently develops machinery and equipment, accurately measures raw material proportion, strictly controls the constant temperature and pressure production environment, greatly reduces the probability of products which not meet the standard, and gives you a reliable zero-pressure product.

Quality-controlling throughout the process, the same high quality

Safe product quality

Mlily quality controllers always adhere to the quality control principle of full-line quality inspection and random inspection at any time. They check the quality of products such as color detection, fabric detection, zero-embossing detection, component detection and performance detection without let-up.

Internationally Certified Safe & Secure

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